BIOCORNO® Vitamin Oil OR (without Retinyl Palmitate)

is a mixture of high-quality, pure and deacidified cereal germ oils. It contains approximately 50% linol acid and at least 0.1% of natural Vitamin E (as total tocopherols).

BIOCORNO® Vitamin Oil OR has highly effective skin-care activity and is characterized by high stability. This outstanding cosmetic effect is provided by the broad selection of fat-soluble ingredients in BIOCORNO® Vitamin Oil OR together with a low level of free fatty acids.

BIOCORNO® Vitamin Oil

BIOCORNO® Vitamin Oil  contains 55.000 I.E Vitamin A/kg (as palmitate).

BIOCORNO® Special Wheat Germ Oil

BIOCORNO® Special Wheat Germ Oil is a de-acidified wheat germ oil, which is recovered through a gentle process which conserves the ingredients. It has a particularily light, clear color. It is characterized by its mild fragrance and stability.  It contains a minimum of   0.25% of vitamin E as  total tocopherols.

For decades cereal germ oils have been used in finished cosmetic products, as well as uses in other important areas, , such as dietetic foods.

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