Cyto®-Plant Complexes

Cyto®-Plant Complexes represent synergistic combinations of active ingredients of herbal origin, which have been developed for natural cosmetics and therefore they fulfil all requierements related to the natural cosmetic standards.

We also produce plant extracts and phyto-complexes according to specific customer requests, also available with alternative preservatives.

Function and Applications
Cyto®-Plant AH COMPLEXreduces hair growth
Cyto®-Plant ANTI-AGING COMPLEXstimulating, smoothing and revitalising
Cyto®-Plant ANTI-CELLULITE COMPLEXskin conditioning and anti-cellulity activity
Cyto®-Plant ANTI-CELLULITE FORTE COMPLEXskin conditioning, anti-cellulity activity and activating
Cyto®-Plant ANTI-IRRITATION COMPLEXsoothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory
Cyto®-Plant DENTAL COMPLEXfor dental products
Cyto®-Plant HAIR RECOVERY COMPLEXrevitalising and strengthening
Cyto®-Plant HAIRVIT COMPLEXto promote hair growth
Cyto®-Plant SKIN CLEAR COMPLEXfor oily and blemish skin
Cyto®-Plant SKIN CLEAR FORTE COMPLEXfor oily and blemish skin


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