Plantafluid® Komplexe

Plantafluid® Complexes are synergistic combinations of plant extracts and active ingredients, which are developed for specific applications. The effectiveness are verfied by studies or empirical methods.

We also produce Plantafluid® Complexes according to specific customer requests, with and without preservatives. 

Functions and Applications
Plantafluid® AH COMPLEXreduces hair growth
Plantafluid® ANTI-AGING COMPLEXstimulating, soothung and revitalising
Plantafluid® ANTI-CELLULITE COMPLEXskin conditioning and anti-cellulity activity
Plantafluid® ANTI-CELLULITE COMPLEX FORTE skin conditioning, anti-cellulity activity and activating
Plantafluid® ANTI-IRRITATION COMPLEXsoothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory
Plantafluid® BC COMPLEXagainst spider veins and heavy legs
Plantafluid® CHI COMPLEX antioxidant, stimulating and regenerating
Plantafluid® DENTAL COMPLEX for dental products
Plantafluid® ENERGIZING COMPLEXvitalising and activating
Plantafluid® HAIRVIT COMPLEXto promote hair growth
Plantafluid® MAS-1 COMPLEXfor skin and hair care products
Plantafluid® MC COMPLEXfor skin and hair care products
Plantafluid® PV-1 COMPLEXfor hair conditioning
Plantafluid® SKIN CLEAR COMPLEXfor oily and blemish skin
Plantafluid® SKIN CLEAR COMPLEX FORTE for oily and blemish skin

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