Scientific research has confirmed that propolis, in addition to its general effect of strengthening the immune System, has antiinflammatory, antibacterial antimycotic and antiviral effects.

The propolis extracts, we produce, are prepared to high quality standards. All of our propolis products are tested not only for value-related components (e.g. flavonoids) but also for any harmful substances (heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, and microbiological cotamination); they are also produced in a way which preserves their charaterstic effects.

Products for food industry
Products for cosmetics
Propolis extract 10%*Propolis extract 10% (for cosmetics)
Propolis extract 20%*Propolis extract 20% (for cosmetics)
Propolis in propylene glycol 10%Propolis in propylene glycol 10%
Propolis water soluble

*Only available in Austria

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